Classes クラス

Day Care 一時保育
(1-4 years old)

Message Our teachers are well trained and qualified in child care. Your children will spend lots of fun time with the teachers in an English environment including fun activities, such as M&M, Art, Games…etc.


Daily Schedule & Price List デイリースケジュールとプライスリスト

Day Care
Admission Fee
Member / 会員 ¥40,000
Visitor / ビジター ¥15,000
Member / 会員 ¥1,800 / hour(1時間あたり)
Visitor / ビジター ¥2,200 / hour(1時間あたり)

Details Prior To Entry
1 Please pay the admission fee on the same day.
2 Please make a reservation at least 2 days before the lesson day.
3 Please hand in an application form before the lesson day. Please bring your child on the day.
4 Please fill in the report sheet on the lesson day.
5 When you pick up your child, please pay the bill.

1 入会金をお支払いください。
2 ご予約は利用日の2日から可能です。
3 ご利用日前にご予約表を提出してください。この日にお子様もお連れいただきます。
4 ご利用日当日は必要事項に書類にご記入いただきます。
5 お迎え時にその日のご利用金額をいただきます。


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