Go Global’s Material 私たちが使用するマテリアル

Lakeshore Learning was established in 1954 in California, America. The company offers a variety of educational products. You might be familiar with their products if you have lived or traveled to America.
It is very difficult to find products like lakeshores’ in Japan. They have such a huge number of learning materials such as, Mathematics, Science, music, Art, engineering and other technical subjects.
Go Global Inter Kids are supported by Lakeshore and has approximately 250 learning materials. We use these material in our daily program. Through these wonderful materials, the children develop learning skills while they are having fun.
Our primary goal is to let children know that learning is fun. Because we use great materials, the children become keen to learn and try hard. As a result, the children use English naturally and develop their English skills and learning skills. This is called “immersion program”. We try to offer children the best environment in the best way.

Go Global Inter Kidsでは、レイクショア社のバックアップを受け、約250アイテムを備えております。これらのアイテムをデイリープログラムに使用し、遊びながら子供たちの学習意欲、理解力を増やしていきます。


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