STEM STEM教育プログラム

STEM is an educational program which is an abbreviation for S(Science), T(Technology), E(Engineering), M(Mathematics). Putting a lot of effort into these four subjects, the united states thinks that they can beat the international competition for science, technology and business field. America is putting 3 billion dollars a year into the STEM system. When our children become adults, with the arrival of the forth industry revolution, artificial intelligence and robots will be spread among our daily life.
STEM is an educational program to make leaders for the future revolution. England, Singapore, and India are also trying to spread this system.
At the same time, STEM is not familiar in Japan. But there are few organizations which use the STEM education system, such as Saitama university.
At Go Global Inter Kids, we are trying to teach children using the STEM system. At preschool and kinder level, children start learning the concepts of these four subjects. Step by step, children start absorbing ideas. At elementary level, children start thinking logically, put their ideas together, create and solve problems.
Our goal is to support children to become creative and independent and to have these four important learning skills so that everyone can make their dreams come true.

Go Global Inter Kidsでは、STEM教育への取り組みを積極的に行っています。プリスクール、キンダークラスでは算数や科学などSTEMに必要な物の概念に触れることからスタートします。少しずつ知識を広げ、自ら考える力を養っていきます。エレメンタリークラスでは実験や物作りを通して作り上げる力を養い、段階を踏んで技術や工学分野にも挑戦していきます。私たちは今後も、子どもたち一人一人が楽しく物事に興味を持って取り組み、世界で活躍し、自分の夢をかなえることのできる子供たちに成長できるようサポートしていきたいと思っています。


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