After School
(6-12 years old)


This class is for children who have spent their early childhood at an international school, abroad, or English speaking environment.This class is for children who want to maintain their high English Level. A level test is required at the time of enrollment.

  • Social Awareness
  • Independence And The Will To Try
  • Creativity
  • Build Curiosity
  • Physical Abilities
  • Communication Skills
  • Basic Learning Skills
  • Mathematics Skills
  • Music Skills
  • Basic Science And Social Skills
  • Cultural Awareness
  • To Think In English And Build Opinions
  • Group Cooperation And Problem Solving
  • Theory Creation
  • Understanding Concept
  • Reading And Writing
  • Creating Opinions In English
Target Age 6-12 years old
Time Monday - Friday
Days and times vary by grade level.
※Students are required to take the class two to three times a week.
Please feel free to contact us for days and times.
Admission Fee ¥40,000  ※One Time Only
Maintenance Fee ¥11,000 ※Every 6 Months
Material Fee ¥20,000 ※Every 6 Months
Price 2day/Week  ¥50,820
3day/Week  ¥69,300
Schedule Circle time (20 minutes)
Vocab/Phonics (30minutes)
Some of the following activities.(70minutes)
  • Reading story
  • Comprehension
  • Retell and Rewrite
  • Role Play
  • STEM Project
  • Research
  • Debate & Presentation