Let’s open up a world of doors. It’s not just about languages.
There are many avenues of discovery for children.

世界へ向けて「とびら」をひらこう。 英語だけじゃない。

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Go Global Inter Kids is based in Mita, Minato-Ku, Tokyo.
Our students come from Azabu, Mita, Shibaura, Shiba, Takanawa, Hamamatsucho and Shinbashi areas.
Preschool classes start from the ages of 1 year and 6 months to 4 years old.
We also have Kinder and Elementary classes in the afternoon.

Go Global Inter Kids(ゴーグローバルインターキッズ)は、東京都港区三田にあるプリスクールです。

Call 03-6885-1782 (Office Hours Monday~Friday 9:00~18:00)

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千代田インターナショナルスクール東京 Head of School 大迫 弘和先生による講演会及び学校説明会 Long-term English childcare and education. 2018年4月より長時間英語保育コーススタート!

Trial Lesson

Let’s Go Global‼

Let’s Go Global‼

The world is getting smaller and smaller.
Children have natural feelings to want to explore, create, and build their dreams in a fun environment.
For children to understand other cultures and make new friends these are feelings which can be built upon. 自分の周りのふしぎな事を知りたいと思う気持ちや、こんな風になりたいと憧れを持つ気持ち、

Go Global 4Ez Program

Go Global 4Ez Program

Go Global Inter Kids ✕ Lakeshore


Go Global Inter Kids uses the teaching tools from Lake Shore, a long time established educational company based in California, U.S.


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STEM Education System

Go Global Inter Kids are encouraged to engage themselves with STEM systems.



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Go Global Inter Kids